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From The Series: “Life After Failure”

Categories: Blog: Trad York / Pastor

I preached one Sunday morning on “Carrying the Glory.”  We live in a society today that no longer cares how we carry ourselves, or how we look or dress in public.  I say this knowing that it’s not everybody, but we are seeing it more and more.  This is just more evidence of a sinful nation in a downward plunge.  I want to say that it is very important how we as Christians carry ourselves in today’s world.  Do we not realize that as born again believers we carry God’s Glory everywhere we go?

The Holy Spirit of God lives in the life of every believer.  My study from 2 Samuel and 1st Chronicles shows David’s first failed attempt at bringing the Arc of God back to Jerusalem.  In David’s first attempt he called a committee meeting kind of like we Baptist do and they unanimously voted to have a big “Hoorah” which made it more like a Parade with all the fanfare, and even built a big new ox cart to carry the arc of God and invited officials from all over to come and view and celebrate.  Then as they were bringing the Arc back tragedy struck when the ox slipped and the Arc of God began to fall.  Uzzah reached out to stabilize the arc and upon touching it he was immediately killed.  The bible says that David was angry.  The problem with the first failed attempt was that David didn’t search the scriptures to see how the Arc of God was to be handled. When he did search the Scriptures he found the  Levites were to handle the Arc of God and that only came through much consecration.

We Learn 3 very important Rules from David’s failed attempt.

1.        We must search and submit to the Scriptures!

  • We can’t go through life guessing what God would say or want us to do. We must know what He wants and that only comes from the Scriptures.

2.        We must always be aware of the holiness of God!

  • The first attempt in bringing the Arc back was a carnival atmosphere; the second attempt was a reverent yet joyful filled with blood and sacrifice!

3.        We must have clean hands and a pure heart!

  • We as New Testament Priest must allow God to cleanse us so that His glory will shine in our lives!

Remember as you read this account from 2 Samuel 6,  and 1ST chronicles 15,  the key to all of this is to walk in obedience to the Lord.  It’s not about our glory but it is all about GOD’S GLORY! AMEN! Carry The Glory Well!


For His Glory: